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Help a member of the LGBTQ Community today

Princess Janae Place is breaking the stereotype & stigma about the LGBTQ community  by offering cultural competency education to businesses, hospitals, & those that we do direct services with for our clients. PJP provides sensitive, quality healthcare related services targeted to the LGBTQ community, by promoting health and wellness education as well as advocate for the entire spectrum under the LGBTQ umbrella.
The mission is to help people of trans experience maximize their full potential by providing residential, educational, clinical, and recreational services that create and nurture connections to the community and the world.

Why Focus Services on Transgender People

The Transgender community has been a marginalized community for many years. Although recent legislation has been passed to ensure that transgender people have fair and equal access to housing and jobs this legislation could also be at risk. The reality is that many transgender people are still being discriminated against; especially when they are just beginning their transition process. This often leads to disproportionate homelessness, as they either lose their jobs or rejected during the hiring process. It also leads to dangerous behavior, in which a transgender person is forced to engage in potentially harmful behavior (sex work, the sale of illegal drugs, illegal hormone distribution, illegal use of silicone) just to survive.

PRINCESS JANAE PLACE is a home away from home

in honor of the Icon Princess Janae Banks

Janae was born on February 8th, 1970 in Brooklyn, NY. An icon in the ballroom/pageantry scene, Janae Banks was affectionately loved by everyone she came in contact with. For almost 25 years, Janae worked as one of the best entertainers to ever grace the stage in several venues including Two Potato, Hatfields, The Coliseum, Krash, Key West, Escuelitas, Feathers, Chi Chiz, Ikon, Kokonuts, Mi Gente, The Monster, Boots & Saddles, and the historic Stonewall Inn. Throughout her life, Janae advocated for the LGBT community including the most marginalized of members such as homeless and transgender youth. After a tough battle, Princess Janae Banks succumbed to lymphoma cancer on September 16th, 2013. We honor her legacy with this organization.
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