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Persistent stigma and fear of discrimination impede many transgender individuals from accessing care – and for good reason. It is not uncommon for transgender/TGNC/TGNB individuals to avoid mainstream organizations due to stigma, discrimination and services that are not sensitive to/or competent to address the unique needs of the transgender community.


Princess Janae Place offers a community-based, safe and accessible place for people of transgender experience to connect to critical services and support."  


Princess Janae Place serves as a bridge to rise above the stigma and obstacles people of transgender experience face, relentlessly, everyday. Many of the challenges can be alleviated by simply gaining access to the proper channels to obtain services and support.

Princess Janae Place offers support, guidance, and referrals to comprehensive services. Princess Janae Place "members" are encouraged to return as frequently as they want to in order to access on-going support and community.

Princess Janae Place offers the following services and programs free of charge to our members:


HOUSING NAVIGATION: Safe and affordable housing is critical to one's overall well-being and security and is a fundamental right.

referrals to public state and city housing voucher programs

assistance completing housing applications

support with navigating the housing market

referrals to a select group of pre-screened independent landlords and realtors who have experience and training working with the transgender/TGNC/TGNB community

referrals to other nonprofit partners who offer housing

general education on housing rights


CASE MANAGEMENT: Princess Janae Place  is committed to providing on-going support and referrals to our members across a wide range of services. Princess Janae Place  has a wide range of partnerships and offers the following connections/referrals to our members:

GED preparedness programs and Continuing Educational Opportunities

Job readiness and training programs including access to professional clothing, resume review, interview preparation and referrals for job interviews

Culturally competent health care, HIV prevention and testing

Mental health and counseling services

Substance use treatment and support groups


SUPPORT GROUPS AND SOCIAL NETWORKS: Princess Janae Place offers an on-going support and social networking group; "Let's Talk” is led by members' peers and offers a range of topics: *transitioning

* medical care and resources for surgery *housing/homelessness

* harassment, discrimination and violence


TRAINING: Princess Janae Place is breaking the stereotype & stigma about the LGBTQ community  by offering cultural competency education to businesses, hospitals.

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