Become a Volunteer at Princess Janae Place

Princess Janae Place relies on the dedication of our volunteers to reach our mission and support the transgender community.

Below are a variety of volunteer opportunities available with Princess Janae Place:

LGBT EXPO:  Princess Janae Place is one of the featured vendors in the non-profit pavilion. The event helps raise funds by raffling off items donated by the trans community.
PRIDE MARCH: Every June Princess Janae Place clients and staff gather to celebrate the pride of LGBT community. The organization raises awareness, celebrates victories and strives to overcome the stigma and discrimination of the LGBT community.
APPRECIATION BBQ: Everyone associated with Princess Janae Place is welcome to attend the annual BBQ event. Volunteers assist in set up preparations, entertainment and food distribution.
4TH OF JULY BBQ: Our annual Backyard BBQ on 4th of July weekend. Clients from all participating organizations gather in our Founders Backyard for fellowship, food, and music and for all ages. Best time of all is the wobble dance and line dance participation.
TRANSGIVING HOLIDAY: Princess Janae Place is a personal Sponsor for Manmade Productions/Ghost Project Thanks Giving Dinner. Our clients and volunteers travel to Brooklyn for entertainment, food and fellowship. Volunteers are welcome to set up and distribute food.
EVERYDAY OPPORTUNITIES: Princess Janae Place is in need of a diverse set of skills and talent. Please get in touch if you have ideas of how you could assist our mission; ideas include: writing, education, public relations, attorney; fundraising


Both day-of and on-going volunteer opportunities are available

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