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PJP values the contribution volunteers make to the organization. As a volunteer you are welcomed and appreciated for your time and service. All volunteers receive a complementary t-shirt, metro card, and food.

LGBT EXPO: March 12th & 13th 2016 was our first yr participating in the expo. We had a great turnout of volunteers. We were one of the featured vendors in the non profit pavilion. We raised funding and raffled off items donated by the trans community.

PRIDE March: Every June Princess Janae Place clients and staff gather to celebrate pride, life, & those no longer with us. We raise awareness, and celebrate victories achieved in the medical filed, political arena and by our clients in their efforts to overcome stigma and discrimination on trans GNC folk.

APPRECIATION BBQ: Many clients and supporters attend our annual BBQ event and volunteers are welcome to assist in set up preparations, entertainment and food distribution.

Annual 4th of July BBQ: Our annual Backyard BBQ on 4th of July weekend. Clients from all participating organizations gather in our Founders Backyard for fellowship, plenty of food is on hand with music and family of all ages. Best time of alll is the wobble dance and line dance participation.

TransGiving Holiday: Princess Janae Place is a personal Sponsor for Manmade Productions/Ghost Project Thanks Giving Dinner. Our clients and volunteers travel to Brooklyn for entertainment, food and fellowship. Volunteers are welcome to set up and distribute food.

Everyday opportunities: Have outreach skills? Or want to participate in this groundbreaking organization, we have needs. If you have a background in grant writing, peer education, health care, education, you could volunteer on a long term basis or just for the day at one of our locations.

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