PRINCESS JANAE PLACE is a home away from home
in honor of the Icon Princess Janae Banks
As a member of PJP, you'll reap a wealth of opportunities to connect with our community, find support, understand and protect our rights as people, and so much more. Membership in PJP not only supports our work to improve the lives of the LGBTQ community, it also gives you exclusive access to a range of benefits.

Membership has benefits!

PJP Membership Levels

Leadership Membership - $500

Regular Membership - $25

Sponsor Membership - $100

Partner Membership - $250

Patron Membership - $150

Family Membership - $50

All PJP members receives:
Coded Membership Card
Monthly Calendar of events

Swag Bag

You are making a difference in the community!

*Memberships at $500 or higher will receive all the benefits above in addition to recognition at all PJP events and special recognition in our Annual Report.

For more information on PJP Membership

please contact us at:


Princess Janae Place
2526 Wallace Ave, Suite 201
Bronx, New York 10467
718-684-1688 tel
718-684-1691 fax
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