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For over 20 years Jevon Martin has been a mentor, educator, advocate and a house father in the Ballroom Community. Jevon started his transition in 2000 at Callen Lorde in NYC. One of his strong focuses is being homelessness within the TLGBQI+ population. Jevon presently serves as the Founder & CEO of Princess Janae Place, which he founded in 2015. Princess Janae Place is a referral organization for TLGBQI+ services with emphasis on the trans homeless population. Those services include medical, legal, mental health and recreational services. He’s a proud brother of the 1st Transmen fraternity Theta Beta Chi where he has helped build brotherhood among Black Transmen in New York City, and around the country. He has advocated in the fight to change legislation for Marriage Equality & GENDA in New York.

Jevon is a proud grandparent, he is an actor, model, co-producer, peer educator, HIV test counselor, and a resounding voice in the community. Jevon facilitates workshops, seminars, motivational speaker and he is unapologetically advocating on issues that affect the TLGBQI+ community with emphasis on the Transgender population.

Jevon has been awarded 2017 Circle of Life Person of Trans Experience Award, 2015 Transman of the Year, 2016 Octavia St Laurent Trans Activist Award, 2014 Marsha P. Johnson Award. 2018 Pioneer Cris Award, Mr. Trans USA New York 2020, and many other citations.

With a motto that is a part of his daily inspiration which is:

If not now then when, If not me then who? Be the change the world needs today for a better tomorrow. And,

Jevon Martin is doing just that!

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