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As you may know, transgender folks face issues like violence, discrimination, homelessness, and poverty at staggeringly disproportionate rates. When trans folks are in need of housing, we are often turned away or face hate and violence while in the shelter system. In the Bronx in NYC, Princess Janae Place is striving to end that by providing a safer space for trans and GNC people to find a home support and comfort from folks in our community.

This is what supports look like! Thank you!

This is what supports look like! Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support and donations! We are happy to announce that we are giving everyone a T-shirt regardless of donation amount! Please take a look at our past events and feel free to join our team of volunteers to make this project a reality. Come out and celebrate the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Bronx Trans Collective April 12 at 3pm 937 Summit Ave. Come out eat, and enjoy the festivities. We will have free giveaways for everyone! See you all soon!

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