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As you may know, transgender folks face issues like violence, discrimination, homelessness, and poverty at staggeringly disproportionate rates. When trans folks are in need of housing, we are often turned away or face hate and violence while in the shelter system. In the Bronx in NYC, Princess Janae Place is striving to end that by providing a safer space for trans and GNC people to find a home support and comfort from folks in our community.

Worst homeless crisis since the Great Depression

Worst homeless crisis since the Great Depression

New York State is facing the worst homeless crisis since the Great Depression. More than 89,000 homeless people living in shelters across the state—the highest number ever recorded. Thousands more are living on the streets, in three-quarter houses, or doubled- and tripled-up in apartments. While most attention has been focused on New York City, communities across the State have also faced increases in homelessness. On Long Island the homeless population has increased by 20%; Albany's homeless population has increased by 23%; Binghamton has seen homelessness increase by 31% and Rochester's homeless population has grown by 18%.

With the right policies, we could tackle homelessness and move to permanently house 89,000 New Yorkers, New York State must act by doing the following:

  • Fully fund 20,000 units of supportive housing – a model that breaks that cycle of homelessness by pairing permanent housing with on-site services for people with a history of substance abuse and/or who have mental and physical health needs.
  • Fully fund Homes Stability Support (HSS) program (A08178/S09195) – a new statewide rent supplement for low-income families and individuals who face eviction, homelessness, or loss of housing due to domestic violence or hazardous conditions. HSS would bridge the difference between the current shelter allowance provided to households on public assistance and fair market rents.
  • The state must prevent discrimination based on lawful source of income in housing (A10610). New York must protect its most marginalized populations, including homeless New Yorkers who need housing, by making source of income discrimination in housing illegal.
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