Our Story

PRINCESS JANAE PLACE is a home away from home
in honor of the Icon Princess Janae Banks
Princess Janae Place was established in 2015 due to the increase of homelessness in TGNC community in honor of the Icon in the entertainment industry Princess Janae Banks. 
The housing disparities & referral process in the shelter system is at an all time high. With over 80,000 homeless people in New York, something should be done. Housing is a major concern for us to bring awareness to the discrimination of landlords and realty agencies not accepting vouchers or programs put in place for people to get out of the shelter system. 
Princess Janae Place is educating the LGBTQ community on their rights to housing and into their own homes with the knowledge of how to maintain and sustain a comfortable way of living. We are dedicated to eradicating homelessness in New York by offering referrals to services that are culturally competent and address the needs of the LGBTQ community with emphasis on TGNC people of color.
Princess Janae Place provides referrals to housing for chronically homeless LGBTQ adults in the New York Tri-state area, with direct emphasis on Trans/GNC people of color.
We also have support and social networking groups, GED and job readiness program. Lastly we assist our clients with housing referrals, housing assistance, vouchers, and applications for public housing.


Services offered at Princess Janae Place are:

  • Referrals for independent housing
  • Referrals for housing vouchers and public state housing programs
  • Housing navigation 
  • Case manage support 
  • GED and Education preparedness
  • Job readiness and training opportunities
  • Clothing and referrals for job interviews
  • Support groups and social networking groups
  • Monthly CAB groups
  • Counseling and mental health referrals 
  • Internships and volunteer opportunities
We are able to provide these services through linkages with our partner agencies.

A Message From The CEO

Homelessness has always been an issue in New york city. Housing is a major concern for each & every human being. Having shelter is a priority & a fundamental human right. We at Princess Janae Place are fully committed and dedicated in providing the standard and adequate safe housing in all possible ways. The PJP team is always there to provide exemplary multi-specialty services by skilled & dedicated staff. We are capable of providing basic needs to the most complex situations. We are committed to providing client-family accessible and adequate housing referral services. Keeping in mind that the trauma our community faces everyday can be alleviated by accessing the proper channels to obtain services. Our major focus is to provide safe adequate housing for our clients & sustainability. We are proud to be the first & only transgender lead housing organization in N.Y.

Jevon Martin Founder/Executive Director

Board of Directors

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