Madison Gathers

Mrs. Gathers was born February 9, 1962 to Marjorie Cassis and Roland Cassis in Kingston Jamaica WI. Madison was brought to the United stated as a child by her parents in 1964. In 1970 Madison was sent to De Cartret college in Mandeville Jamaica as a boarding student. Madison transferred to the Priory school for Gifted Children in 1972 then returned to the United States in 1976 to attend Westbury Sr. High School. Madison graduated with a Regents Diploma in 1979 having completed High School a year early due to a fast track program offered by the school to gifted students. In 1980 Madison attended Farmingdale College and received a Degree in Mortuary Science/Death education and went on to receive a Bachelors Degree from Russell Sage College in Psychology/Sociology. Madison worked in the death Industry and became one of the five most sort after reconstruction artists in the New York Death industry. After experiencing discrimination in the Death industry due to lack of knowledge and prejudice against Women of Transgender experience. Madison worked as a plus size model, bartender, showgirl, manager of TJ Max, Chef, CNA and care giver to mentally challenged young adults before to deciding to become an activist for the HIV/AIDS community. Madison experienced watching her friends dying form complications from AIDS and not being given sufficient humane treatment by providers and being denied Housing due to their HIV status. Mrs. Gathers then added Transgender Activism to her fight due to discrimination, lack of housing, job discrimination, and the many murders of her Transgender brothers and sisters. Of her many accomplishments Mrs. Gathers is most proud of being one of the lead activists who fought for,  promoted and won the INT24 bill in New York City ending forms of discrimination in New York City. Madison has worked for Housing Works as a Case Manager/Recreational Therapist/Life Skills Program Coordinator, Ameda Care as a Care Coordinator/Events Coordinator, Positive Health Project as a Case Manager/Executive Assistant to the Fiscal director, Needle Exchange Coordinator, Hunter College as a research Assistant, Owen Funeral Home as a Funeral Director/embalmer, Faces by Cassis as a makeup  artist, Independent reconstruction makeup artist for the Death industry, GLBTQ center as a Group Facilator and an Independent contractor for the CDC, DOH, Red Cross, NYPD. NYFD teaching Transgender 101 classes. Mrs. Gather accepted the position as Program Director for Princess Janae Place when offered because she strongly believes in its fundamental belief and practice that HOUSING IS HEALTH CARE. Since acceptance to this position Mrs. Gathers has helped, through her amazing and diligent staff many people of Transgender Experience find stable housing, receive access to health care, Access to mental Health care and various other services. Madison is also the reining Miss Plus Size America the first women of Transgender Experience ever to win this title. Mrs. Gathers was married August 14 2017 to the love of her love apostle J. Gathers and continues to fight for disenfranchised communities and the basic rights for PEOPLE OF TRANSGENDER COMMUNITES.                   

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